Double Channel Spiral Heat Exchanger with Hinge Posts

Spiral Heat Exchanger with Davits

Stacked Pair of Spiral Heat Exchangers


Special Features


Hinged Covers and Davits

Gooch Thermal spiral heat exchangers can be provided with hinges or davits to facilitate opening and closing of the covers during inspections and routine maintenance.

Double Channel / 4-strip Design

A double channel spiral heat exchanger performs like two units in parallel.  It is rolled from 4 strips to form four alternating but separate hot-cold-hot-cold flow passages inside a single shell. 

Double channel spirals are often installed in high flow rate services where a low pressure drop is desired and available installation space is limited.


Stacking Saddles

In liquid to liquid heat transfer services where high flow rates or large temperature crosses require multiple units operating in parallel or series, stacked pairs of spiral heat exchangers provide operational flexibility and minimize the installation footprint.