About Us

Gooch Thermal Systems is a leading US designer and manufacturer of spiral heat exchangers.  Over the last three decades, hundreds of our customers have relied on the product and application expertise of our engineers to find the right spiral heat exchanger solution to their heat transfer problems - often the most difficult ones.

Custom-made for your application.

From the initial thermal rating to mechanical design and fabrication, our spiral heat exchangers are engineered to meet the specific process requirements of our customers.

Spiral heat exchangers are adaptable to a broad range of liquid to liquid or vapor to liquid services.  As coolers, heaters, and heat recovery interchangers, our spirals increase thermal efficiency and minimize downtime in heavy fouling applications.  Spirals also excel as vacuum vapor condensers in applications that require extremely low pressure drops.

Engineering Experts.  Ready to Help.

Gooch Thermal engineers are innovative problem solvers and we enjoy a heat transfer challenge.  We pride ourselves on being good listeners who take the time to understand the specific needs of our customers and offer optimized and cost-effective solutions.

With every spiral heat exchanger design, we strive to provide our customers with a technically sound, comprehensive approach that meets or exceeds their process requirements and delivers superior value in terms of overall capital costs and operating expenses.


Gooch Thermal was started in 1989 by experienced heat transfer engineers who had previously worked for US and German affiliates of AB Rosenblads Patenter, the Swedish firm that invented spiral heat exchangers and pioneered their use during the late 1920s for low grade heat recovery from fiber-laden liquors and fouling effluents in the Scandinavian pulp and paper industry.